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Microbial Munch, Are Your Microbials Working?

Posted by East Coast Hydro on June 08, 2015  /   no comment
Microbial Munch Superfood

Microbial Munch and other Microbials are expensive. Way too costly to be guessing whether they work. €œBacillus-this, rhizo-that, that will be a hundred dollars Sir!€ And for what? A couple of ounces of bacteria. Do you at any time actually know if the little men are undertaking their job? You’€™d be amazed how many nutrient […]

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Rhode Island Organic Gardening

Posted by East Coast Hydro on May 01, 2015  /   no comment
organic gardening warehouse

Grow Store | Hydro Store | Organic Gardening East Coast Hydroponic Warehouse in Warwick, Rhode Island has thousands of products for all your organic gardening needs. Looking for the ultimate Grow Store – Hydro Store? Our Hydroponic store carries top of the line products such as Gavita, Hortilux, Can Filters, AgroBrite, EnviroGro, Xtrasun, Advanced Nutrients  […]

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3 Essential Plant Nutrients You Need to Know

Posted by East Coast Hydro on March 29, 2015  /   no comment

Plant Nutrients – the 3 You Need to Know: There are 17 essential plant nutrients for your plants but I believe these three are really important in plant health. All crops must have an adequate supply of each of the 17 nutrients to produce great yields. N Nitrogen Nitrogen (N) is essential for plant growth […]

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Advanced Nutrients Product Descriptions

Posted by East Coast Hydro on December 14, 2014  /   no comment

Advanced Nutrients Product Descriptions   SECTION 1: BASE NUTRIENTS:   Jungle Juice 2-Part Grow (Part A) Give Your Plants Exactly What They Need With Jungle Juice 2-Part! Jungle Juice Grow (Part A) is one half of Jungle Juice 2-Part Grow, a two-part base nutrient formula intended for the grow, or vegetative, phase. The Jungle Juice […]

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Hydro 101: An 8-step guide to successful indoor gardening

Posted by East Coast Hydro on December 04, 2014  /   no comment

Hydro 101: An 8-step guide to successful indoor gardening 1) The right environment Having the right environment is critical for your indoor gardening. Key elements to a successful garden room include relative humidity, temperature, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and air circulation/exchange. The ideal humidity for a indoor gardening room falls between 40 & 60 percent. Some […]

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Gavita Pro 1000 from East Coast Hydroponic

Posted by East Coast Hydro on November 25, 2014  /   no comment
Gavita Pro 1000

Gavita Pro 1000 The Gavita Pro 1000 is the first 240 Volt electronic ballast that powers the professional 1000W 400V EL (electronic) Double Ended lamps. These lamps have the highest PAR light output, improved spectrum and the best light maintenance (>95% PAR light over one year of use). Being the most efficient 1000W horticultural lamps […]

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