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Microbial Munch, Are Your Microbials Working?

Posted by East Coast Hydro on June 08, 2015  /   no comment
Microbial Munch Superfood

Microbial Munch and other Microbials are expensive. Way too costly to be guessing whether they work. €œBacillus-this, rhizo-that, that will be a hundred dollars Sir!€ And for what? A couple of ounces of bacteria. Do you at any time actually know if the little men are undertaking their job? You’€™d be amazed how many nutrient […]

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3 Essential Plant Nutrients You Need to Know

Posted by East Coast Hydro on March 29, 2015  /   no comment

Plant Nutrients – the 3 You Need to Know: There are 17 essential plant nutrients for your plants but I believe these three are really important in plant health. All crops must have an adequate supply of each of the 17 nutrients to produce great yields. N Nitrogen Nitrogen (N) is essential for plant growth […]

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Advanced Nutrients Product Descriptions

Posted by East Coast Hydro on December 14, 2014  /   no comment

Advanced Nutrients Product Descriptions   SECTION 1: BASE NUTRIENTS:   Jungle Juice 2-Part Grow (Part A) Give Your Plants Exactly What They Need With Jungle Juice 2-Part! Jungle Juice Grow (Part A) is one half of Jungle Juice 2-Part Grow, a two-part base nutrient formula intended for the grow, or vegetative, phase. The Jungle Juice […]

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