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Microbial Munch, Are Your Microbials Working?

Posted by East Coast Hydro on June 08, 2015  /   Posted in Grow, Nutrients

Microbial Munch Superfood

Microbial Munch “Superfood”

Microbial Munch and other Microbials are expensive. Way too costly to be guessing whether they work. €œBacillus-this, rhizo-that, that will be a hundred dollars Sir!€ And for what? A couple of ounces of bacteria. Do you at any time actually know if the little men are undertaking their job? You’€™d be amazed how many nutrient firms just take no actions to ensure your microbials aren’€™t dead in the bottle prior to you buying them.

Effectively what if you had an insurance policy plan? What if a team of 23 PhD plant experts had been given lawful authorization to study the Cannabis plant, rigorously experimenting and confirming their final results one particular tissue sample at a time, over several several years, and had come up with a scientifically tested and proven solution the microbial dilemma, so that you knew you were maximizing the growth potential of your roots, shoots and overall yield?

As it turns out, just such a group of PhD plant researchers exists, and has carried out just that. In reality, which is how Advanced Nutrition started out, with the quest to scientifically check what functions and what does not with cannabis.

Not potatoes. Not tomatoes. Not lettuce. Not mushrooms. Not peppers. Not spices. Not onions, eggplants or squash.


That is all Advanced Nutrients has ever been interested in growing, that is all we have at any time examined, and that’€™s all we’€™ll carry on to test. Especially for health-related purposes. And it exhibits in how numerous cups our vitamins and minerals have gained around the globe. (All of them).

Just lately, our staff has cracked the code for how to optimize the performance and efficiency of microbial items in the root zone of the cannabis plant.

The Answer Is Sugar

Or far more particularly, the correct varieties of sugar. The essential is to feed these helpful micro organism the appropriate carbohydrates so they are ready to prosper. The identical way that avocados, or blueberries, or coconuts have been talked about not too long ago as “€œsuperfoods”€ for human beings, there are specified sugars and combinations of sugars that act like superfood for advantageous microorganisms.

 This Is How It Works

In the world of microbes, there are four phases of growth, which altogether make one cycle called a growth curve. In order, they are the lag phase, the exponential phase, a stationary phase, and a death phase. They’re all pretty much what they sound like.

The lag phase is an incubation, where they’re getting ready to explode into the exponential phase of growth. To you it feels like waiting, or watching water boil, or paint dry. But underneath it all, they are feeling out the environment, gathering data on just what is available, and thus how and when they should grow. And once they get going, watch out.

Because here comes the exponential phase, where the population quickly doubles and redoubles. This is also when they bestow the benefits inherent in being beneficial bacteria. This phase is where the work is done that will ensure you have thicker roots and shoots, and thus a heavier yield.

But once they notice that resources are running dry, and food is lacking, your microbes begin to prepare for the stationary phase, which is really just a transition into the death phase. It’s a last ditch effort to look for more resources before they have to bite the bullet and just die already.

Then, of course, there’s the death phase. This is where they die and leave their corpses to be consumed by the rest of the root zone, or “rhizosphere”, the scientific name for the entire root zone.

Why You Need Microbial Munch

Remember above, when we said that if your microbes notice resources are running dry, they start to whither? Well that’s where Microbial Munch comes in.

This cocktail of pharmaceutical grade nutrients is aimed directly at full reduction of lag phase, and the maximization of the exponential phase.

Whichever beneficial you’re using for your root zone will be forced into action as soon as possible, and stay in the fight until the bitter end.

They won’t really have a choice. Bacteria are fairly simple organisms, and are easily influenced. Give them their favorite food, and they have all the self control of a pit bull with a bloody steak.

They’re going to eat and they’re going to eat it all. And as long as they do, assuming you have everything else dialed in, you’ll see the sort of growth in your cannabis plants that wins the most competitive growing cups in the world.

That’s because Microbial Munch is a precisely blended mix of exacting ratios of the following ingredients:


D-Glucose Non GMO

Di potassium Phosphate

Magnesium Sulfate

Yeast extract

and Ammonium Sulfate

And this specific combination of these ingredients has been tested by our team, who has a very close working relationship with the Department of Biotechnology at Sofia University in Bulgaria. Microbial Munch has been designed and confirmed to be the best at what it does. It’s so precisely designed, in fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call it the only product of its kind.


Test Microbial Munch on your next crop, and see the difference yourself!

Microbial Munch is guaranteed to take your growing to the next level, or your money back. If you’re not thrilled with the results, we want you to return it, with proof of purchase, for a full and immediate refund. Buy Microbial Munch Here!

Visit East Coast Hydroponic Warehouse and ask about Microbial Munch today.

Microbial Munch 250 mL $9.00
Microbial Munch 1 Liter $29.90
Microbial Munch 4 Liter $95.68
Microbial Munch 10 Liter $209.40

We carry sizes up to 1000 liters of Microbial Munch so please visit us and find out more about this amazing superfood!


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